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Chris Chaffee: Rep


Welcome to Chris Chaffee for U.S. Senate,

My name is Chris Chaffee I am running for US Senate in  Maryland as a republican in the 2018 Election.  I am a husband, father, grandfather and a catholic .

Maryland is made up of 23 beautiful counties.  From the harbor in Baltimore to the ocean and mountains.  We are a state of farmers, waterman, small business owners, teachers, first responders, professionals both male and female and we deserve a voice. We have tried it the democrat way with raising taxes with only an increase in our debt. We have had regulations on top of regulations choking business right out of Maryland.  It is time we take this amazing state back to her glory days of prosperity. 

The gridlock coming out of Washington from congress and senate has to be addressed. We need to work with our President to raise our countries economic and social threshold. We need to generate jobs and grow our small businesses.  We need our roads and bridges repaired and it should be a joint effort between Private federal and state agencies.  We need to improve our commute in the DMV to allow our citizens to spend more time with their families and less sitting in traffic jams going to and returning from work. We need a plan to put the needs of Marylanders and Americans first. 

As your elected Senator I will address our state and most pressing problems.

The opioid epidemic is the worst in history.  There were 64000 overdoses in 2016 what we have been doing is not working.  We need a multi faceted approach from the top down to make any headway.  The drugs Heroin and Fentanyl are killing our children, spouses, parents, neighbors and coworkers.  We need everyone to get involved.  This should not be a large government solution you throw money at.  If you have time please call your state health department to see how each of us can help do our part to stop this epidemic . 

It is time to ensure our schools are safe for our children and grandchildren. We have a wealth of technology and could easily install electronic or mechanical locks on our classroom doors.  They could be wired to an annunciator panel the same principal as fire suppression systems. They could have panic buttons tied into both school administrators and  local law enforcement.  We need to be proactive  not reactive and provide our teachers with defensive and emergency training.

Russia is flexing her military and intelligent muscle.  They have been linked to numerous criminal activities including stealing secrets, using propaganda and media and data hacks to cause division between Americans. China another top threat to America from  Drugs and the economy . Cyber security is another great threat to our country .   We must make sure our military stays number one in the world and leads by strength .

We need good and strong family support systems. It is all of our responsibilities from the home to the school and back to put accountability back in our communities. It starts at home being a good father, mother, grandparent and neighbor.  We need to have a good moral compass and mentors to help fill the gaps.  We need to involve our churches and synagogues in our children's lives. Our children need to learn the importance of service to others.

Our constitution including our Second Amendment right must be upheld and protected. " A well regulated militia,being necessary to the security of a free state ,the right of the people to keep and bear Arms,shall not be infringed ."

We have a new tax law, this will bring jobs and businesses back to America this will give Americans a future in every state . We must always remember our farmers around Maryland and America and make sure our tax code works for all farmers .   

Defund Planned Parenthood-The government should not use money to end the life of the unborn.  Government money spent to end the life of someone who has no choice and no voice should be outlawed.  There are many alternatives including personal responsibility. If we do not speak for those who have no voice who then how will we ever hear them?

We are a nation of immigrants but we have laws in place that need to be followed.  If you come to our shores legally we will welcome you.  If you try and sircumvent the laws in place then you are an illegal. We need to secure our boarders and enforce our laws. 

Americans are a collection of different ethnicities we must never forget we are all created equal .


God Bless,

Chris Chaffee 


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Wednesday, March 2, 2016 12:00 AM

Forum to get out the Vote .

I was honored to be invited to the Black Caucus for the  U.S Senate Forum in Annapolis MD last week . Thank you it was nice to meet all of you and hear  your stories .

Thursday, July 17, 2014 1:47 PM

Chris Chaffee Gets Endorsed by the Free State Patriots

Chris Chaffee is now the Free State Patriot's candidate for the 5th Maryland Congressional District!

"Paid for by Chris Chaffee for U.S. Senate and authorized by Chris Chaffee for U.S. Senate."
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